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Run For Light 2019


This is the debut of Run for Light Malaysia 2019, which is franchised from an iconic run in Singapore, Run for Light, which has successfully been organized for four consecutive years since their inception in 2015. The first “Run for Light Malaysia” is scheduled to be on 10 November 2019, Sunday at DPULZE Mall Cyberjaya! This event is jointly organised and managed by Horizon Events PLT, Regsolution PLT and Ideas Room Consulting Pte Ltd.

The event is set to help in raising public empathy and awareness for the visually challenged individuals through our publicity campaigns and roadshows before the event. For the first time, Run for Light Malaysia will be supporting Save Ones Sight Malaysia (SOSM), a charity organisation where partial proceeds from the participation will be pledged for its cause.

The event will kick-off with the symbolic 1KM blindfold walk (with limited participation slot), where participants for this category will get to experience walking while being blindfolded and they will understand the feeling and difficulties faced by the visually impaired every day. Upon completion, there is a special puzzled medal awarded to both participants for supporting each other.

For those who simply want a good sweat, there is a 5KM fun run where you get to enjoy running in the park with fresh breeze of the morning. While for the enthusiast and feeling competitive, the 10KM timed competitive run is definitely waiting for you.

Run For Light Malaysia 2019 is far greater than just a running event, it is also a help to those in need. Join us now!



Save Ones Sight Missions (SOSM) Bhd is a non-profit organization to help those with disability and vision disability, regardless of race, gender, age or religion in the Malaysia and beyond Asia.

SOSM has close to 5 years of experience working with people with vision disabilities, while preventing and treating diseases that lead to vision disability. SOSM reach over thousands of people nationwide each year. SOSM began in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, founded in 2009 by Stevens Chan and his wife, Kaye. SOSM works/partners with many organisations, governments and Christian ministries to implement programs. To date SOSM have organised more than 200 eye health screening events (screening more than 7,000 people) as well as provided more than 50 cataract surgery to the under privileged, sponsoring glaucoma eye surgery and treatment for glaucoma children and has also sponsored more than 400 pair of spectacles for disadvantaged adults and children.

Malaysia Glaucoma Society (previously known as The Glaucoma Society KL & Selangor) is an extension of SOSM.

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ROUTE 1 (1 KM)

* RM 90 for each pairs

* Pair of 2

* Limited to 100 pairs

* Each team member will be blindfolded for a walking distance of 500m

ROUTE 2 (5 KM)

* RM 55

ROUTE 3 (10 KM)

* RM 70


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